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We have developed websites for a wide range of industries, businesses, and organizations. Some offer information, others sell products. We encourage you to visit these sites and see how our clients use them to represent their ideas, products and services.

Your new website will be built using “Responsive Design” technology so visitors to your site will have the same great experience whether viewing on a smartphone, a tablet or a desktop pc.

Sites built by Dev4 using a supplied design mockup

  • Bodyboarding Adventures, LLC

    So Cal’s ONLY dedicated bodyboarding school offering summer beach camps at San Clemente’s North Beach. All videos created by Dev4.
  • Symphony PR, Inc

    Symphony PR & Marketing, Inc. is a marketing and PR consultancy focused on the technology and digital media industries.
  • Gelfand, Rennert & Feldman

    GR & F is a financial management firm that provides services to entertainers, executives and high net worth individuals.

Sites designed and built by Dev4

  • Parkinson Insurance

    Parkinson Insurance Agents and Brokers is a full service Personal Lines insurance agency located in Woodland Hills, CA.
  • TheReporterWhoKnewTooMuch

    Promotional website which includes trailer and promo videos for the non-fiction book, The Reporter Who Knew Too Much. Vidoes created by Dev4.
  • Mark Shaw Books

    Mark Shaw has authored 20+ books, including the “The Reporter Who Knew Too Much” and is a public speaker and on-air legal analyst.
  • The Dorothy Kilgallen Story

    Told through photos, newspaper articles and videos, this site is dedicated to the life and times of a Dorothy Mae Kilgallen.Vidoes created by Dev4.
  • vMocion VR Platform

    vMocion’s 3v™ Platform provides 3D motion and can be used with VR headsets, movies, amusement park rides, and mobile devices.
  • Courage in the Face of Evil

    Single page promotional website for author Mark Shaw about a non-fiction WW II concentration camp story, Courage in the Face of Evil.
  • Publish A Book

    Single page promotional WordPress website supporting author and literary consultant Mark Shaw's book "How to Become a Published Author".
  • Saving Democracy

    Author and commentator Bruce Blackie's Op-Ed oriented website about checks and balances in the US Constitution and how they should be protected.
  • Allen Lawrence Insurance

    Coming Soon: A multi-page WordPress site for Allen Lawrence, LLC, a full service insurance brokerage located in Canoga Park, CA.


Whether it's a complete new website for your business, or the refresh of an existing outdated website, we have the experience to make it happen. With design, email and website hosting services available, we can provide a complete turnkey solution.

  •    Website Design

    The key to a successful project is communication. Every project begins by understanding how your company conducts business and the best way to interact with your clients.

  •    Website Makeovers

    If your company is considering refreshing your web site - the present market represents a great opportunity for companies of all sizes to improve, renovate, and extend their Web services.

  •    SEO

    Your web site's search engine visibility is crucial. Dev4 will guide you in the process of improving your rankings and optimizing your site to be search engine friendly.

  •    Website Hosting

    After Dev4 designs and builds your web site, why not host it with us as well? This “turnkey” approach will save time and costs when future changes and updates are needed.

  •    Ongoing Maintenance

    When your new or refreshed webiste is ready to go live, you can host it with Dev4 as well. Keeping your site maintained, secure, and up to date with fresh content and images is essential.

  •    Consultations

    We offer help with brand identity, web site planning, converting visitors to buyers, website usability, design-create-send-track email newsletters and increasing web site traffic.


  • There are so many considerations to choose from that the price of any two Websites can differ significantly.

    We want to meet your needs, and we want to do it within your budget.
  • We want to create an effective design within your budget

    If you’re unfamiliar with web site development, it may be difficult to appreciate the number of options, features, and functionality that can be harnessed within an effective Web design. There are so many considerations to choose from that the price of any two Websites can differ significantly.

    To illustrate the point, let's use an analogy you’re probably more familiar with. If you were looking to purchase a home, you would work with a real estate agent. The real estate agent would need to know your budget, along with your requirements for the house itself. For example, if you were to say “I want a house. How much will it cost?” the real estate agent would be unable to answer the question. There are simply too many choices and variables. But if you were more specific about the type of house (e.g. a brick, three bedroom house with two-and-a half baths in the $200K range.), the real estate agent could show you homes that fit your criteria. To make the request meaningful, a targeted budget is a key part of the equation. We want to meet your needs, and we want to do it within your budget.

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About Us

  • 20 Years of Experience Designing, Building, and Hosting Web Sites

    Whether you want a basic, informational website for your products and services, or a more elaborate site with forms, e–commerce and data access, Dev4 can help. Our Las Vegas and Los Angeles web site clients include real-estate, insurance, medical, entertainment, historical, literary, corporate, technology, and non–profit organizations.

    Dev4 has more than 20 years of experience in web design and development with an emphasis on small business web sites. Dev4 has worked with several Fortune 500 companies including Sun Microsystems, Alcatel, PNC, and Nestle USA designing and coding internal corporate applications and business-to-business websites. We also possess a broad creative background in post-production for web, film and video.

    Our technical skill sets include Windows, Linux, Android, JavaScript, PHP, LAMP, MySql, IIS Web Server Administration, Yoast SEO Professional, Google Analytics and Sublime-Text. Our creative tool set includes 2019 versions of Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier, After Effects, InDesign and LightRoom.

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    Address: Henderson, NV
    Telephone: (702) 575-1625
    FAX: (702) 987-1905

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Dev4 will not only design and build an effective, professional website, we will host it as well. From domain registration through the design and deployment process, we can provide complete solutions for your organization.